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Serial killer: Pandora

Hello, everybody and Happy New Year! 😚 May you achieve all your goals. See 2017 as an opportunity to accomplish things you postponed in 2016.

One of my biggest resolutions for 2017 was related to this blog. I know I’ve been away for an entire month and I am aware you might have asked yourself why; I decided that I only wanted to share with you high quality content and since my photos weren’t interesting enough, I set this ‘goal’. For those of you who have been following my blog for some months now, you might know that I had a publishing schedule: on every sunday I would have posted a new article. Now, I’m not really sure if there will be a schedule again. I only know that ALL articles that I shall post from now on will be a thrill for the eye and the mind, as well.

Another thing that I decided while I was away, was the language I will write posts from now on. I know that I once told you that the reason why I was writing everything related to Shine Avec Style in Romanian was the fact that I was feeling very patriotic and wanted girls and women from my country to be able to understand completely my ideas and thoughts. Now, as I was saying, I set a couple of goals for this year, and one of them is a higher level of audience, which can only be achieved if I’m writing in English. I know this is a major change and I’m really looking forward to receive your opinions and thoughts about it.

Now, enough with the jibber jabber, let’s go back to our sheep.

I had planned this article for so long I can possibly remember. And since I’ve received for Christmas some ‘material’ I said to myself that now it’s the right moment to do it.

I have been loving Pandora jewellery, and especially bracelets, since this brand started selling their items in Romania. I thought they were cute, but way too expensive. That was way before I saw how amazing they looked with those charms on. This is the moment I fell completely in love with Pandora. That happened at the beginning of 2015. I remember begging my mum to buy me one, but she kept saying no. 😦 It’s true indeed that there wasn’t a Pandora store in my town so that was a big disadvantage. The days came and went by, and I was seeing at least 3 different women each day wearing their Pandoras. It’s pretty useless to say that I was so jealous of them.

On my 18th birthday I received from my mum’s friend a Pandora bracelet and I was totally obsessed with it. I was a maniac, always taking care of my pretty baby, to keep it away from scratches, different detergents or body lotions. I loved it and I promised myself that I won’t put on any charms, just because it was so delicate by itself. But that was before I received some charms as gifts. Now I have my bracelet half complete, as you can see in the photo below:


Now I’m going to tell you the story of my bracelet:

As I was telling you, I wasn’t planning on getting any charms for my Pandora bracelet. For my name day, on the 15th of August, I’ve got these three beautiful charms.


The first one represents a rose. There is a deeper meaning than you think. When I was a baby, my grandmother used to place under my pillow a red rose, hoping that I shall grow beautiful and strong. The tiara on which there is written ‘My princess’ is a beautiful reminder of that fact that I was the family’s princess growing up. I didn’t have any siblings at that point and I was a spoiled kid. The lace openwork heart is one of my favourite charms and it symbolises my endless love for vintage, beacause lace is considered to be a vintage pattern.

The next 2 charms are actually clips, which are made to keep the bracelet still and to not let it deform. I chose one with little hearts on it and one with some sort of tangling . They’re not supossed to get the attention, they’re just some cute charms that keep the bracelet in place.


Next thing on my bracelet is a security chain which I absolutely adore because it has engraved on it ‘Family Forever’. Although I don’t say it often, I love my family and I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.


One charm that I particulary love is the funny cat. I know you probably think that it’s because of my cat. Well, surprise, I don’t have a cat. I’ve wanted a cat for so long I can remember, but my mother did not accept my proposal of growing our family with a new little member. So, at least I have a cat on my Pandora. Meow.


I have two other flowers on my bracelet: a rose and a primrose. These are simply gorgeous and I feel like they give my bracelet a delicate aspect. I love them so much.


The last charm is the book where it’s written fairy tale. It is very special for me due to the fact that I write very often poetry and I’ve always been a dreamer.


So, this is the story behind my Pandora bracelet. If you have one, tell me your story. I’m very eager to read it. 😚


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