Frozen lake

Hello, everybody! ­čśÜ A couple of days ago, I went for a walk near the lake in our town, despite the freezing weather. Although I often complain about the┬átemperature, I have no words to express how grateful I am to be living where there is snow in winter. I can’t┬áimagine celebrating Christmas wearing bikinis. Nope.

Now that holidays are officially over, I shall start stressing over my semestrial papers (yup, 2 down, 3 to go) and begin worrying about my average. Call me crazy, but that is why I wanted to ‘escape’ and relax. I absolutely love snow and near the lake, there were like 200 kids playing in snow with their sleighs, which made me nostalgic, since I haven’t enjoyed┬álittle things like this in ages. When we first arrieved, it wasn’t really cold, but after half an hour it started snowing which was ah-mazing. And cold.

I wore a white jacket that managed to keep me warm, a pair of skinny jeans from Pull & Bear and a pair of heeled boots. Those were a bad idea, though, since the snow was covering my feet entirely. The main accesory that completed the look was a black fur hat, which actually belongs to my mum. You all know how I like to borrow her stuff and never return it. This is one of my guilty pleasures.












This article isn’t necessarily about the look, but about the memories. It’s so nice to look at children playing and think that you were once the same as them, happy, full of life. Not that I’m not anymore. It’s just that after growing up, you are shocked┬áhow different things are, than you would’ve imagined years ago. We all change because of our new responsabilities and our priorities. That hit us all when we were finally adults, ‘able to do whatever we want’. This isn’t that simple anymore. So, to all of you, young fellows, I must say you should always enjoy the moment, without having to worry about times that shall come. Live now, but only make decisions that are constructive for the future YOU.



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